Here's some cool stuff I've made

Colosseum Screenshot


Collaboration with Kevin Yue (game designer)

A three week challenge to make something awesome (two previous iterations took the first week; current iteration is about two weeks of work). No libraries besides the XNA framework. 2D 1v1 Platformer for Xbox 360 (playable on PC). 3 classes, each with 4 abilities, a dash, and a jump. Hitting an opponent removes their shield; hitting again before the shield recovers wins you the game.

Solitaire Splash Hack

Solitaire Proof of Concept Hack

Proof of concept for my splash class on hacking games. Displays the cards in each pile.


Colorful Shapes Screensaver

Spawns shapes of varying colors, each of which has a different radial growth speed. When two shapes collide, their growth speed changes to shrinking speed, until they hit a radius of 0 (when they're deleted). Shapes are spawned relatively near each other using a probabilistic algorithm that tends to make shapes spawn in emptier regions.


Techfair Kinect App

Created to advertise MIT Techfair. Initially, particles will spell out "techfair" (configurable for any font/string pair). Raising one hand will make all particles follow that hand; raising two hands will split the particles into two. Dropping both hands will cause the particles to rearrange to the spelling.

Minesweeper Splash Hack

Minesweeper Proof of Concept Hack

Proof-of-concept for my Splash class. After the first mine is clicked (because Minesweeper doesn't generate the board until then), the program prints the board (with mines). 64 bit Windows 7 only.

Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta

Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta Website

Allows school sponsors to register students for convention among other things. Allows board members to view reports about students, generate name tags, input scores, and generate results.